Noir - Blanc


Hello Moov360 community!  I’m Caroline, architect and passionate runner! 

Running is essential for me: it allows me to let off steam and challenge myself on a daily basis. I started running at the age of 11 in my hometown athletics club, ROCA. In the beginning, I ran mainly to follow my family’s passion for running. I rarely competed, because I hated the feeling of stress at the start. Little by little, I got a taste for the adrenalin of competition and gained self-confidence. Today I run distances ranging from 800m on the track to 20km! 


I pay a lot of attention to the outfits I wear for running. It has to be beautiful, comfortable and if it’s responsible, even better! I’m very happy to represent the Belgian brand Moov360. When I wear Moov360 outfits, I feel enhanced and I know that my outfit is making a contribution to preserving our planet. It’s great to be part of this brand new community.




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