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Looking for durable, personalized sportswear?


Moov360, your impact decision.

Choose sportswear that is 100% made in Italy from recycled materials.

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90% water savings

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55% CO2 savings

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80% less impact

Your European partner for sportswear

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  • Are you looking for visibility for your CSR commitment?
  • Do you want to foster a healthy and dynamic environment, while taking care of your employees?
  • Would you like to offer your team a first-class, sustainable sporting experience, or simply join a new, committed community with shared sporting values?

Depending on your sporting events or teambuilding activities, and based on your specific needs and budget, we’ll work together to find a solution for your sportswear. We help you find the best experience for your employees, in line with your values and budget.

We also work with leading sports trainers to provide your company and your teams with a first-class, sustainable health experience.

Let’s move forward together!

ECONYL® technology as a starting point

Most of our sportswear is made from ECONYL® yarn, 100% regenerated nylon fiber from recycled fishing nets, carpet lint and post-industrial nylon waste.

We limit our impact by choosing only European fabrics and producing our collections in Italy. To go one step further, we’re looking for innovative, high-performance, recyclable materials to make our future collections.

Moov360 strives, season after season, to improve its eco-design by judiciously choosing materials and fabrics, with a view to a more circular economy.

Let’s talk about eco-responsibility…


Once you’ve touched our materials, you’ll be ready to try them, and you’ll love them, just like other companies!

Let’s act TOGETHER for our health and a healthier planet!





Your customized products
They already trust us...

Following the successful launch of our unique Belgian sustainable sportswear brand in 2021 in the B2C arena, we have extended our services in 2022 to companies and sports clubs to get more people moving for more sustainable health and for our planet. Your employees will become proud ambassadors wearing your customized outfits. 


Exploring around us is part of our DNA, as is leading the way.  With Cushman & Wakefield, we wanted to go beyond expectations in terms of sustainable development. Not only did we provide customized eco-friendly T-shirts for their team, we also washed and stored them, so that their sportswear could be reused. 


Quite simply, it’s a sustainable Best-In-Class 360 quality solution. 

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