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It’s been 12 years since Jérémie completed his first 20km in Brussels on a bet he thought stupid at first… Something clicked. Today, on the eve of his 45th birthday, Jérémie is convinced that anything can happen.
Jérémie is just as at ease on an intense 10 km as he is on an ultra of over 100 km, whether on the road or on the trail. A passionate runner, he loves to share his experiences, both good and bad, on trails and asphalt. With his knowledge of the best training spots, he’ll be happy to point you in the right direction for your goals.

Convinced that “everything can be run”, Jérémie multiplies unofficial races, such as the crossing of the Belgian coast or the GR127 in Walloon Brabant. Every year, he sets himself new challenges in the mountains, taking part in events such as the LG Trail 110, the 90 km du Mont Blanc and the Maxirace in Annecy.

Jérémie has many reasons for representing the brand. Firstly, the local footprint is an important value for him, as is being able to trust Belgian players, whether for his children’s field hockey or his shopping.
What’s more, eco-responsibility is something he particularly appreciates about Moov360. For him, it’s essential to practice a sport in harmony with nature, and the brand’s products enable him to do so while respecting the environment. As he points out: “We practice a sport that is meant to be accessible to nature, but at every neighbourhood race we hand out T-shirts and goodies.
My Moov360 outfits have already had a life and will undoubtedly have many more…”

Oh yes, one of his faults is that he’s always talking about trails, paths and mountains… Avoid talking to him about touring Brabant-Wallon or crossing the coast… because you won’t be back home in no time. back home 😉

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