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How to optimize your running workouts?


By Julien d’Up running Mons

We find that many runners have developed the habit of running between their two ventilatory thresholds. This pace, which gives the impression of being fast without being in pain, offers few physiological benefits.

It’s important to run slowly.


All athletes (even the most elite) run between 70% and 90% of the time at a comfortable pace (around 60% FC max).

But what are the benefits of running at moderate intensity? The professionals at
La Clinique Du Coureur
recently unveiled them:

  • It preserves you for high-intensity workouts.

  • It enables you to maximize cardiovascular benefits by strengthening the heart muscles – maximizing stroke volume around 60% of HR max (Starling’s Law).

  • It allows you to multiply the number of mitochondria in your muscle fibers and increase their size.

As a reminder, mitochondria are the “factories” in your muscles that convert the oxygen they receive into energy. The more numerous and voluminous they are, the more energy they produce for effort. ????

As you can see, running slowly will help you run faster!


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