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Customised clothing for companies
and sports clubs

Cycling - running - multi-sports - clubs

Why choose Belgian and environmentally friendly clothing for your company?

1. Values committed to the planet

  • Integrate the ESG values in the development of your business.

  • Reduce and measure your impact by purchasing personalised equipment for your sports activities.

  • Wear outfits designed from waste recycled (fishing nets, post-industrial nylon waste and carpet lint).

  • Buy outfits Belgian designed 100% in Italy in a manner ethical and transparent.

2. A stronger team spirit

  • Strengthen theteam spirit and well-being of your employees through sport.
  • Develop themutual aid and the trust between colleagues.
  • Improve the well-being and the productivity within your teams through sport.
  • Offer the possibility to create customised clothing team in your company's colours thanks to Moov360.

3. A team of ambassadors

  • Your employees will be the 1st ambassadors of your company by wearing your personalised outfits.
  • Give your ambassadors the opportunity to participate in sporting events with quality, sustainable and designed only with materials recycled thanks to Moov360.
  • The ideal standard bearer to promote the values of health, well-being and eco-responsibility of your company.

Would you like to discover our products and test them?

Do not hesitate to make contact with us to make an appointment.

3. Your customised products

For customisation of sportswear You can read our brochure above to find out what we offer.

 Our team will create an outfit in accordance with your company's style and values. At MOOV360, we work with you to find the best offer from both an ethical and technical point of view.

BONUS : Sports coaching to motivate your employees

Offer a specialised support to your teams under the guidance of a coach. 

Anouck offers you a full programme which includes, among other things: physical activity, mindset, nutrition and recovery.

This support aims to increase mental & physical strength, decrease the frequency of illness and prevent burn-out.

The programmes for companies are tailor-made: "one size fits one".

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