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Econyl: eco-friendly synthetics

Eco-responsible textiles

Moov360’s primary goal is to offer a range of comfortable clothing with technical qualities perfectly adapted to the practice of sport… But that’s not all.

The aim is also to offer sustainable products: not only capable of withstanding wear and tear over time, but also gentle on the planet… To achieve this, in-depth reflection on the choice of materials and the manufacturing process was essential.

Nylon regeneration

Worldwide, 100 billion items of clothing are produced every year, or around 12.5 items of clothing per person per year… This inevitably raises the question of how to manage textile waste.

Nylon is often used in sportswear, which needs to be elastic and resistant, but it is also a polluting synthetic chemical derived from petroleum. Its manufacture requires large quantities of water, and its decomposition into microplastics puts aquatic ecosystems at risk.

Fortunately, while there is currently no large-scale industrial process for separating natural from synthetic fibers, we do know how to recycle certain plastics into raw materials for the textile industry, among others.

Nylon is one of them, and the production of its recycled version, Econyl®, saves up to 80% in greenhouse gas emissions compared with virgin nylon.

We find it in the same garments as those made from nylon (swimwear, sportswear), which have to be elastic and resistant, and for which natural material alternatives are still rare.

Protecting the oceans

Econyl ® (registered trademark of the Italian firm Aquafil) is a 100% recycled nylon fiber, made from plastic waste that is first sorted and washed before being ground, melted and re-spun. The resulting Econyl ® is used to manufacture new garments, which are themselves 100% recyclable.

And as well as consuming less energy and water, the production of Econyl ® helps to protect marine ecosystems: the used nylon from which it is made comes from fabric scraps, carpet lint or abandoned fishing nets, recovered from the oceans where they would have taken decades to degrade and where they are a mortal danger to animals… It is estimated that 100,000 animals die every year, strangled or suffocated in these traps.

European short circuit

Currently, Moov360 has chosen this material for the production of its collection, while continuing its search for other textiles that are natural and recyclable or made from recycled waste.

As for the production chain, it is 100% European: the collections are designed in Belgium, the Econyl® is produced in Italy and the garments are also made in Italy.

The ecological footprint of finished products is therefore limited.

And to take this eco-responsible approach a step further, Moov360, which already reuses its fabric scraps to make accessories (sports bags, fanny packs, clutches), is offering its customers the opportunity to collect end-of-life garments and recycle them into headbands, cuffs or cloths…

We’ve come full circle.

Daphné Dulait

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