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Tons of plastic produced since 1950.
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of these plastics are recycled.


What does Healthy Seas do?

Healthy Seas cleans the oceans of marine waste (especially fishing nets).

Every year, an estimated 640,000 tonnes of fishing equipment are abandoned or discarded at sea, resulting in the death of millions of marine animals. This “phantom equipment” accounts for 10% of plastic pollution in the oceans.

In addition to cleaning up the oceans, Healthy Seas also works with fishermen, fish farms and local communities to prevent waste from ending up in the sea.

They also educate and raise public awareness of the environmental damage caused by fishing waste. They raise awareness of the ecological and economic benefits of a clean ocean.

MOOV360 is committed to cleaning up our oceans and protecting marine life by donating 1% of its sales to Healthy Seas.


What is Run for Hope?

A team of runners whose members have had to deal with childhood cancer in one way or another. Together, they share the desire to help young patients and their families get through this terrible ordeal in the best possible conditions.


Movement is good and very natural for most children. When a child has cancer, he moves much less because he doesn’t feel well. He eats less, has less energy, tires faster and is less lively. Cancer treatment is long and aggressive, rapidly deteriorating the child’s general condition and muscle strength. It is therefore important to keep the child moving as much as possible, from the very first day of treatment. It’s all about keeping moving, within the limits of what’s possible.

And the Heroes' Necklace?

The Heroes’ Necklace is a European project implemented in all the pediatric hemato-oncology departments of Belgian university hospitals. The pearls are funded by philanthropists (companies and individuals) and offered free of charge to young patients.

After each medical procedure (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, operation, blood transfusion, transplant, etc.), a child undergoing cancer treatment receives a pearl identifying the treatment received. All these beads gradually form a beautiful, colorful necklace that symbolizes and retraces the child’s journey through his illness.

To encourage young patients to keep moving throughout their treatment, the physiotherapists give them a small reward after each block of 10 sports sessions: a pretty pearl for their Heroes’ Necklace.

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